Wordpress Friends?!?!

I joined WordPress a few days ago in hopes of sharing my struggle with infertility. If you read my recent blog post (I am a coward) then you know I do not talk to anyone about my infertility struggle. I started a blog so I would have a way to get my thoughts out of my head. I didn’t really care if anyone read my blog, I just needed a healthy way to express myself.

I had no idea WordPress would help me connect with people who are struggling just.like.me. People who are kind and understanding. People who want to make you feel better about yourself.

Reading blog posts from people who are in the same situation as me has brought so much peace to my life. I now know that I am not alone and I do have people to talk to.

If you are one of the “WordPress friends” I have connected with recently, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for making me realize I am not alone.

“We rise by lifting others” -Robert Ingersoll


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Journey Through The Storm

My journey through the storm of infertility

18 thoughts on “Wordpress Friends?!?!”

  1. Oh wow! It is so strange that we wrote a similar post to one another at exactly the same time. I am so glad we are feeling the same way. Blogging is a wonderful form of therapy. There’s something incredible about seeing the words on screen that make you stop and think for a moment. I find just writing things down helps me let go of them. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!

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  2. YOU have helped me. WE ARE NOT ALONE. We struggle with the same thoughts, hurts, experiences, disappointments. It’s not a fun thing to walk through but it’s beautiful to have community within it!

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  3. Thanks for reading my post and liking it earlier this week. I hope it was helpful. That post was birthed out of my and my wife’s own struggle with infertility. You’re not alone. It definitely seems like that, but you’re not alone. Praying for you.

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  4. I’m so glad you somehow came across my blog and liked my posts so that I could in turn read yours! I’ve been walking this road for nearly 4 years. I can tell you it doesn’t get easier, but I can also tell you that one day it will be worth it. I still do not have the tiny blessing I’ve longed and prayed for, but the relationship I’ve developed with God has made it all worth it. I would be nothing, no one, and nowhere if not for Him and His grace and mercy!

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  5. You are not alone. I know how you feel and I pray God will give you peace and the desire of your heart. I was 36 and had gone through 16 years of
    infertility before we conceived through invitro. This link will
    take you to my book. The ebook is only .99 cents because I am not trying to make money, I want to encourage couples. Hard copies are available through Amazon for those who prefer to hold a book in their hand.


  6. You are not a coward! The fact that you are still on this journey is proof that you are stronger than you think. We all are. No matter how hard it gets, or how powerless we may sometimes feel, God has a plan for us. Sure, we may not understand it (or even agree with it for that matter) but it’s there. Writing is a great way to relieve the stress and pressure associated with trying to conceive while struggling with infertility. Keep it up. We’re all your not-so-silent cheerleaders. 🙂


  7. Thank you for reaching out! YES! So many yeses! If the statistic says 1 in 8 struggle with infertility then we are all around you, everywhere you look. And yet SO MANY suffer in silence and feel alone. I’m so glad you reached out. Sending love and hugs! XO


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