For Him

Over the last year, I have prayed a lot. I mean A LOT. I have prayed that God will bless us with a child. I have prayed that God will show me a sign if it’s not meant to be. I have prayed so many prayers I couldn’t possibly list them all. However, the most common prayer I have prayed is “if not for me, then do it for him”. You see, My husband is amazing. I truly believe he hung the moon. He is everything I am not. He is kind, funny, selfless, and patient. He works so hard for our family and I know he will spoil our future child just as he spoils me. He deserves to have all of his dreams come true.

I often wonder what type of mother I will be but I never wonder what type of father he will be. I KNOW he will be the best father. I am sad that I may never get to be a mother but I am devastated that he may never get to be a father. I would take all of the hurt if it meant he didn’t have to feel one ounce of sadness. He shouldn’t have to suffer because my body is broken.

God, please bless us with a baby. If not for me, then do it for him. ❤️


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Journey Through The Storm

My journey through the storm of infertility

One thought on “For Him”

  1. Oh my! This touches my heart the most! And while I can tell from your writing what a great man and future father your husband is, this post shows what an amazing woman you are! And you will be an amazing mother one day! I have no doubts! I too used to pray constantly for those things and God for a Time was not my friend. But he truly knows best and although I was so undeserving of his love and grace I have the best gift I could have ever imagined


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