Infertility has taught me that I do not have control of everything in my life. I have been a spoiled “princess” my entire life (no seriously, ask my mom). I have basically gotten everything I have ever wanted from the time I was born until now. Not only have I always gotten what I wanted, I also got it WHEN I wanted it (Occasionally my parents would make me wait until my birthday or Christmas to get more expensive items). When I wanted to buy a house, we bought a house. When I wanted a new car, I got a new car. When I wanted to go on vacation to New York, we went on vacation to New York. Infertility taught me quickly that things aren’t always up to me. I don’t get to say if or when I will have a child. The decision is not up to my mom, my brother, my husband, or any of the other people I have always been able to persuade into letting me get my way.

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you.”-Brian Tracy


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Journey Through The Storm

My journey through the storm of infertility

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